Power BI Level 2 Fundamentals

You are now reading the information about the Level 2 training. This means that you already work with Power BI or that you have followed Power BI Level 1 Fundamentals. So we don't have to get you excited about Power BI anymore, we're sure you already are!

In this Level 2 training we will significantly improve your knowledge in one day. Because there is much more to learn about Power BI. How about importing data from all kinds of different sources, including websites, for example? We will also teach you how to add calculations and measurements to your data using DAX and you will work with more complex visualizations. After this training, you will have all the tools to deal with all the most common issues in Power BI.

The registration fee is € 495 per person (excluding 21% VAT). The registration fee includes use of the course laptops, course materials, lunch and coffee/tea and you will receive a certificate after the course.



  • Import data: we zoom in further on commonly used data sources. Think of SQL, CSV and text. And from different locations, such as folders, Sharepoint and the web. Everything to combine as much data as possible.

  • Refreshing your data model: one of the best things in Power BI is setting up a fully automated information provision. We'll show you how to make this happen!

  • Introduction to DAX: DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions. It is the programming language used in Power BI to add analyzes to your data model. We'll look at the basic structure of this language so you can get started with it.

  • Date functions in DAX: you will learn how to write a date table using DAX to apply Time Intelligence in Power BI: data per month, quarter, "same period last year", etc.

  • Filtering in DAX: You can filter in many different ways in Power BI. We'll cover the different methods and see how to write filters with the CALCULATE function.

  • Remove filters in DAX: for certain analyzes it is important that you can remove filters. We teach you how to eliminate filters in DAX so that you can set up common calculations.

  • Geographic analyses: always great! We will show you what options there are in Power BI to incorporate into your reporting.

  • Conditional formatting: do you want to accentuate data points or make them stand out? Conditional formatting offers you many different options for this. We will take you through the options, so that you can emphasize where you want.

  • Workspaces and apps: structured distribution of reports and datasets is crucial within your organization. We show you the pitfalls, but above all, how to do it! 😊

For whom?

You use Power BI regularly and you want to go one step further than where you are now. It is not enough to just present data, you also have to transform the data and make calculations. In addition, standard visualizations are not always sufficient to present your data. Welcome, this is the 1-day training you must have!

What's in it for you?

Advanced level knowledge of Power BI. You are able to transform data, make calculations to gain accurate insight and present your data at an advanced level.


WWe recommend that you follow the Power BI Level 1 Fundamentals before starting this training. You will then have a good basis and can participate optimally in this training.

Dates and locations (classroom courses)

Er zijn momenteel geen cursussen gepland. Stuur gerust een bericht naar de trainer voor de planning.


The registration fee is € 495,- per person (excluding 21% VAT)

The lessons take place from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

*The registration fee includes coffee/tea, an extensive lunch, use of our course laptops and all other course materials.