Power BI Level 1 Fundamentals

Do you spend a lot of time creating reports and analyses? Would you like to use your data but don't know how? Do you want to create beautiful dashboards and easily share them with your colleagues or external parties? In other words; Are you ready for a whole new way of analyzing and presenting data?

Welcome! Power BI will help you do everything much easier and faster and offers you a world of new possibilities. In this Level 1 training we will show you in one day how the program works and we will teach you how to create a dashboard efficiently and effectively based on Excel data.

The registration fee is € 495 per person (excluding 21% VAT). The registration fee includes use of the course laptops, course materials, lunch and coffee/tea and you will receive a certificate after the course.



  • General explanation of Power BI: what is the solution in general terms? You understand the whole, the parts and their interrelationships.

  • DISP: this handy method helps you with a clear step-by-step plan for working with Power BI: you get from question to dashboard as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Importing data: which methods are available, what are their advantages and disadvantages? You practice with it extensively yourself.

  • Formatting and structuring data: this is how you ensure clarity and scalability of data. Important part of the process before you can start visualizing.

  • Establishing and managing relationships: you learn what you need to take into account, why this is so important and you get to work on it.

  • Creating reports with commonly used visuals: a lot of “standard” options are already possible. You practice with a lot of visuals and can quickly achieve results because “standard” is often good.

  • Creating and analyzing visuals: you can make reports easy to read and attractive in many ways. You then prepare a report yourself.

  • Uploading your report to Power BI Online: By putting your data online, other people can use it. This is often the goal: better insights together to manage.

  • Create a dashboard: the whole day comes together in your beautiful, own dashboard!!

  • Share dashboard: you can share your dashboard with whoever you want and you can determine what they can/cannot see. And now wait for applause and your hero status :-).

For whom?

This 1-day course is suitable for anyone who needs to make a report occasionally or structurally. But also if you have a lot of data available and are looking for a way to analyze it. Maybe you want to monitor your processes through dashboards or you want to be able to manage your department through a dashboard with KPIs. You see, everyone actually benefits from this!


The course is provided by various trainers, including: Jarno Visser.

What's in it for me?

We believe that you should be able to work with the program after one day. That is why our training is packed with exercises and after this training you will be able to perform all basic actions in Power BI and create dashboards based on data from Excel.

Course types

The course is given in the classroom, in-company and as individual training.

Course locations

The course is offered alternately in Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Dates and locations (classroom courses)


The registration fee is € 495,- per attendee (excluding 21% VAT)

The lessons take place from 9:30 am up to 4:30 pm.

*The registration fee includes coffee/tea, an extensive lunch, use of our course laptops and all other course materials.